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Color in Garden Beds is what you see!

When viewed from the street a home has a certain feel, whether it is eye catching and appealing or just lacking that certain something. Freshening up the garden has that certain something that just says “I am a well taken care of home”. Bright an rich contrasting or complimenting colors make the landscape shine. Black can be a real contrast with the green and colorful plants, brown can go well with a tan, brown or home that isn’t wanting to draw too much attention. Pinestraw will really benefit the plants as it breaks down into smaller pieces and blends with the soil. Updating and sprucing up the front of your home is a great way to add to the curb appeal of a home.

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What is mulch for?

The purpose and reasons to mulch are: Visual appeal ( makes your home look great), keeps weeds to a minimum ( less pulling and spraying ), helps to retain moisture which also helps with the fertility of the soil ( healthier plants ). Air pockets are created which is a great insulator to the rapid changes of weather like ice, or drought. This insulating barrier keeps tender roots safe and more stable for the plant.


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Selections in the Middle Tennessee area are:

Pine Nuggets ( different sizes ), Pine Straw Bails, Shredded Pine, Hardwoods ( Made from parts of Hardwood Trees ) Brown and Black.

The drought is coming and what can save your landscape?

Every year around July and August Middle Tennessee has a drought. This will mean very low humidity levels and over 90 degree days possibly for weeks at a time. This will cause rapid dehydration in your plants. A layer of mulch will help the moisture near the root system of your plants stay longer thereby helping your plant investment stay healthy and thriving. Get mulch put down before the drought starts up because plants are like everything else living where water is concerned, dehydration kills.

Resource for information related to mulching for drought.

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This is the place where you find organic material to protect sensitive roots.

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