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nashville shredded pine bark mulch

Owned by Dalton Quigley

Nashville Shredded pine bark mulch

With a great deep brown color and the benefits of better soil after use shredded pine bark mulch is a great choice for your garden beds. Not meant for deep slopes. This mulch has a rich color and breaks down into a beneficial material in the soil after it wears down. Order some today at the phone number above, and subscribe to our money saving newsletter full of great landscape ideas for your home.

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nashville pine straw

By Dalton Quigley

Nashville Pine Straw small

More Green than the rest! Metaphorically speaking Pine Straw Mulch is better for your plants than the other choices in mulch. Here in Middle Tn Nashville area we have a large amount of Lime Stone which makes the soil slightly alkaline while most ornamental ( decorative commonly used ) plants like a slightly acidic soil. Ask your Landscaper or Lawn Care professional where they get their pine straw to ensure the freshest product. One way you can help your plants to be a little healthier is to use Pine Straw. This product is sold by the bail and can be picked up at our locations in and around Nashville. Pick up some Nashville Pine Straw today!

Get Pine Straw from our Nashville mulch dealer by calling the number above, and sign up for our newsletter to get great information on how to save money while making your home look great.

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nashville brown mulch

By Dalton Quigley

Nashville Brown Mulch small

One of the most popular mulches used in the Nashville Middle Tn area is the Brown Hardwood Mulch. Sometimes called Mocha by local retailers. Brown Hardwood Mulch is made from hardwood trees that were shredded to make a fine material for mulching.

Brown Mulch is great for slopes because it will hug the earth and stay put during most storms. Ask where your Landscaper or Lawn Care professional gets their mulch to make sure you getting good fresh mulch. Great for all mulching applications it is also the most affordable out of the local mulches sold. You can come by and have brown mulch loaded into your truck or delivered to your home from one of our suppliers, the phone number is listed above. We also have a newsletter where you can get ideas on saving money in the landscape while making your home look great.

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Nashville Black Mulch

By Dalton Quigley

Nashville Black Mulch small

This black mulch is made of trees shredded into small pieces, then one of the ingredients that is added is charcoal which gives it the black look that contrasts with plants so well. This product holds it’s color for up to a year in the our climate. Ask your Landscaper or Lawn Care provider where they get their mulch to make sure you are getting the freshest available. One major benefit of using ours is that the charcoal helps to prevent weeds. So you could say that Black Hardwood Mulch is a lower maintenance mulch. Sign up for our newsletter to get up to date information about things you can do to improve your landscape.

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