By Dalton Quigley

Nashville Brown Mulch small

One of the most popular mulches used in the Nashville Middle Tn area is the Brown Hardwood Mulch. Sometimes called Mocha by local retailers. Brown Hardwood Mulch is made from hardwood trees that were shredded to make a fine material for mulching.

Brown Mulch is great for slopes because it will hug the earth and stay put during most storms. Ask where your Landscaper or Lawn Care professional gets their mulch to make sure you getting good fresh mulch. Great for all mulching applications it is also the most affordable out of the local mulches sold. You can come by and have brown mulch loaded into your truck or delivered to your home from one of our suppliers, the phone number is listed above. We also have a newsletter where you can get ideas on saving money in the landscape while making your home look great.

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