What is a Scoop of Mulch?

By Dalton Quigley

Someone in the Nashville Middle TN area has described to you that mulch is sold by the scoop at their location. What does this mean? The answer will sometimes confuse people because the person on the other end of the phone says ” A scoop is _ $ ” and now you are wondering – What is a scoop?

Skidsteers, and Bobcat type machines are used for loading mulch onto trailers, and trucks. The scoop refers to the bucket attachment on the front of the machine and you need to ask what size it is and how much mulch that is. If the answer is a scoop costs -$ that doesn’t tell you how much mulch it is.

Below is a photo of a scoop of mulch. In Nashville most mulch suppliers use a machine with a large bucket on it which will dump the mulch onto your truck or trailor. A scoop of mulch could be different sizes depending on where you go so ask how large the bucket is. By knowing the size of the bucket you will know how much mulch you are getting.

Buckets range in size :

1/2 yard bucket

3/4 yard bucket

1/4 yard bucket

Loose materials like mulch, and soil are measured by Cubic Feet and Cubic Yards.


But how much is this related to Cubic Feet which is how you will actually measure what you need?

To understand cu ft you will need to multiply your length times your width times the depth.

L x W x D = Cu Ft

You are going to be looking to get to a cubic yard number to tell the person how much you will need.

Formula for figuring out your cubic feet and then cubic yards

Depth is confusing because 12 inches = 1 ft so here is an easy way to figure this part. Take your 3″ of mulch that you want and call it .25 since 3″ is 1/4 of 12″.

So lets say your bed is 10′ by 10′ and you want mulch 3″ deep.

You will change the formula according to the depth of mulch you would like to achieve.

Example – 10′ x 10′ x .25 = 25 cu ft well 27 cu ft is a yard so you need 1 yard because you always want a little extra anyway.

Then take your Cu Ft and divide by 27 to know how many Cu Yds you will need.

We hope this article helped you to figure out how much mulch you need and gave you the tools so you could order your mulch.

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