Three Best Reasons To Use Mulch in Your Garden Beds

By Dalton Quigley July 8, 2012

Landscaping around your home may be one of the more difficult tasks a person undertakes to improve the value and appearance of a home. Lots of planning and thought go into what plants and where they should go as well as the overall style of the home and how everything feels together. Mulch may be an after thought for many but should be planned in because of some benefits you should know.

Reason 1. Mulch has some benefits that make it worth while to note. One of the major benefits to putting down mulch is water retention. Here in Middle Tn the air averages between 30% humidity to 75% which means that soils can dry out quickly. Dry soil does not have water for plants to take up and will cause dehydration which is the most common cause of new plant failure in the newly installed landscape. Once you water the layer of mulch traps moisture for a longer period of time which enables the plant to store up more water for needed times. Weeds can also be a problem that mulch can help with.

Reason 2. Ok everyone has gone and spent time pulling weeds or at least knows of some-one who has. Pulling weeds can be a time consuming chore and boring to most people. A layer of mulch provides a barrier to new seeds blown on the air from landing in your soil. Soil contact with these seeds from unwanted plants is important for them to germinate and become a plant. So putting down a barrier of soil helps keep weeds from starting in the first place. If the look of your home is important to you then mulching will definitely be in order for you.

Reason 3. Mulching garden beds improve the look of the landscape by providing a consistent color throughout the landscape from one end to the other. Lets say you chose black hardwood mulch then you would have picked a great example of a mulch that contrasts and compliments a landscape really well. The dark glossy greens of landscape plants when grown in a bed of dark black mulch just catches the eye from a distance and gives feel of order, cleanliness, and also adds an upscale nature to the area. This can be a very dramatic upscale impression on guests.

Colors of Mulch in most Middle Tennessee Nashville area Garden Beds are Black, and Brown.

The best reasons to use mulch are that it provides a barrier that holds in water for the benefit of plants, keeps unwanted plants seeds from coming in contact with the soil so you get less weeds, and it improves the look of your home which has benefits with guests and neighbors. Take a look at your garden beds and if mulch is not present you will see what I mean and that makes it time to purchase some mulch. At the upper left of this page is a link to order some mulch delivered to your home. You will find some of the best pricing and quality anywhere in middle Tennessee Nashville area available here on our site so go ahead and order some mulch!

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