When Should I get Mulch?

By Dalton Quigley of Quigley’s Landscaping October 7, 2012

Some think of Spring and Fall but here is exactly when you should add some mulch.

When should I mulch my Nashville landscape Fall or Spring?

Notice mulching time is near?

Most of the time we come home and the mulch is not noticed, except one day
we look down and oh man do we need some fresh mulch.

Well if we know the reasons we have mulch in the first place we
can better understand when it needs to be freshened up.

Why do we have mulch in our landscape beds?

Here are three important reasons for mulching.
One of the reasons is to hold moisture near the soil for longer periods. Another
reason is to prevent weeds and lastly is to make the landscape look better
with contrasting or complimenting colors.

Your mulch means you water less because it keeps the beds moist longer.

So now we know why we have the mulch lets decide when to apply new mulch.
If you are in a drought period adding mulch would be a great way to keep
the water near the roots for longer periods so they don’t dry out quickly
and leave your plants dying. Add a couple of inches of your favorite mulch
to preserve moisture. When your mulch starts to get thin it does a less effective
job of holding down the moisture. If you happen to think of this in Spring or Fall then great but anytime is fine. Mulch as a weed barrier is important.

Keeping weeds under control is what mulch does best.

If you look and now are getting more weeds than usual it could mean that
airborne seeds are getting through your mulch to the soil level beneath and
this means you need more mulch. Order a couple of yards and spread for a
better weed barrier in your landscape. If the look of your home is important
then mulching may be needed. Seasons are great reminders but anytime of year is fine.

Brightens the look of your home.

Once a few months go by and your mulch starts to loose its color adding a little
could brighten it up and help your home to look better. Order some mulch
and have it spread all over for a great color improvement to the landscape. Spring and Fall are great but anytime is fine.

So some great reasons to buy, get delivery, and have mulch installed are
water conservation around roots, to help prevent weeds, and to improve
the look of your home. If you need mulch just stop by our Mulch Distributors page
at the red order button at the upper left of this page or click here.

Colors of Mulch in Garden Beds Black, Brown, Red

The benefits of mulching your garden beds are clear.

The best reasons to use mulch are that it provides a barrier that holds in water for the benefit of plants, keeps unwanted plants seeds from coming in contact with the soil so you get less weeds, and it improves the look of your home which has benefits with guests and neighbors. Take a look at your garden beds and if mulch is not present you will see what I mean and that makes it time to purchase some mulch. At the upper left of this page is a link to order some mulch delivered to your home. You will find some of the best pricing and quality anywhere in middle Tennessee Nashville area available here on our site so go ahead and order some mulch!

What we want you to do now. -> Click here to visit our Mulch Supplier Page.

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